Warm your world like the Sun warms ours!! “Premier Energy USA is The #1 Factory Direct Dealer and Distributor of ThermaRay products in The US for over 20 Years”


Whether it's New Construction, Remodel or Retro Fit - Radiant Heat creates the Healthiest, Most Comfortable environment for you and your family with no blowing of dust and other airborne contaminants.
No Moving Parts, No Maintenance, Quiet and Invisible.
Invisible Controls available as well.

Multi-Family, Hotels, Apts, Condos, Etc.

Same Benefits as for residential, but lowest overall life cycle cost of any heating system on the market. Simple, Easy Installation with exponentially less chance for damage to the heating system. No Maintenance or Replacement required.
Compatible with Building Management Systems


A Variety of options for any commercial property. Comfortable productive employees, happy tenants and less hassle for any owner.
Total building system automation available with remote or Wi-Fi access and complete visability.


The Bigger the building the better our initial capitol cost and overall lifecycle costs will compare. Perfect fit for any industrial building, warehouse, manufacturing, distribution facility.
Simple fast installation and lowest operating costs available.
No Maintenance, repair or expensive replacement costs.

Lowest Overall Life Cycle Cost

Healthy - Comfortable - Invisible - Quiet Energy Efficient

A visual explanation of how the sun warms the earth and where we can use the same radiant technology from ThermaRay to warm our entire World. Healthy, Comfortable, Invisible, Quiet and Energy Efficient Radiant Heating. Whether the heat is in the floor or the ceiling, radiant rays efficiently an evenly make every space in your world the Best Space you're in.

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Warm Your World Like The Sun Warms Ours!

Fast, Easy Installation

Electric Radiant Thermal Mass Storage Heating Systems can typically be installed in a fraction of the time of hydronic and traditional heating systems, saving you time and money.

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Premier Comfort from Premier Energy USA

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    It worked! The heat in the house is now comfortable, constant, clean. Every room has its own thermostat. We're so grateful for the creative suggestion by ThermaRay-USA and we just love the results!" Learn more.
    Grand Marais Miracle
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    From the install, to the programming and all the in between, ThermaRay-USA were beyond excellent! I simply can't say enough about how wonderful they have been. Our heating runs superbly!" Learn more.
    Durango Radiant Dreams



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